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I am beginning to feel that no one out there is willing to help me and my family out. I guess that there is NO hope anymore. Goodbye

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 in response to Anonymous40784...   You have a great day also!
take care
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 in response to bookworm2011...   Aww...
She's getting a chihauhau. Thats wonderful.
Those dogs are so cute. Plus, they are low upkeep because they are short haired.
Animals are very special.

have a great day,
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   Howdy : >)
Im doing good, insomnia as always...hope all is well with you..we are getting my daughter a chuihauhau puppy for xmas..she is very excited..our middle child that definitely prefers animals over ppl even at this young age..hope that all is well with you and have a blessed day
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 in response to bookworm2011...   Hey girl,
How are you doing tonight (or should I say this morning)?
Yes, animals do give unconditional love.
They are very special.
They are definitely my babies.
Giving a child an animal is a great way for them to learn responsibility plus giving them a great playmate & sibling.

take care
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 in response to Anonymous40784...   hello ,

I just want to say my kids taught me about their love for animals and how special the relationships are with their pets..they are there family..I wasnt allowed pets growing up so as an adult, scared of alot of animals because I never experienced them but want my kids too..i see how they take care of them with love and feed their animals before they even eat, bring them in if its cold, talk to them, give them treats and their pets love them back..they light up when the kids walk in the room and thats called unconditional love..many people dont know how to give it, but animals do and they are more loyal than a lot of people I I respect anyone whose animal is their family and am so glad I see my kids show compassion and love towards theirs, its very sweet..and Im sure you feel the same way about your furry kids :)
take care and be blessed
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 in response to Proudmommieof2...   Oh,
I definitely feel you on the fur babies being family.
Mine are definitely my children. I lost all 3 of my human babies through 3 different miscarriages. I do not have any kids by birth.
So, my fur babies are even more important than ever to me.
I have family members that consider my babies as just 'dogs'. They have to bit their tongue & don't use the 'D' word (Dog) around me. LOL
I understand how some people don't understand. But, one has to be a pet lover to understand.
We pet lovers get scorned on because other people actually think that we should take our funds to care for 'their children' because their kids are human. They think their human kids have more value.
And, I'm sure in 'their hearts' their human kids do have more value than my dogs.
However, in my heart my 'dogs' have way more value than someone else human kids.
And,why would someone else human kid have more value than my furry-four legged kids?
When I cry because I don't have human kids, I cry alone. Their human kids are not around share words of comfort & neither are their parents for that matter.
When I need to feel loved, my doggies are always there showing me unconditional love. Other people's human kids are not doing this.
When I'm sad & need to be comforted, people human kids are not around to comfort me, but my little doggies never leave my side. They follow me everywhere, even to the bathroom.
The love they express is uncomparable.
That is why I love them so much.

I hope people will understand why we humans love our pets so much. And, why we love them more than someone else's child. The bottom line is our pets are here for us & loving us. Someone's else's child is not here & showing us love.
Hope my friends & family begin to understand this.

This is why many people treat their pets better than people.
And, the pets live better than people. Our pets have become our 'little people'.
Oh well, how did I ever get off on that rant.
I'm kinda sleepy & my thinking portion of my brain must already be sleep.

Hope you get the assistance you are seeking.

Sending you hugs.

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 in response to Anonymous40784...   I understand believe me.

We were blessed though. Our home is bought and paid for, a friend of ours just gave us the home. No questions asked and as for bills honestly the only ones I have big concerns about it my phone/net.

My girls papa as they call him pays our lights and when needed our lot rent. We get well water so no worries on paying that either. The phone/net is a must because my 7 yr old has problems and I'm always calling in about appointments or talking to her school about her behavior. Which is the biggest problem because they can't deal with her problems.
The net is a bigger must because I am in school online and she's starting home schooling soon. I'm praying that I can get the bill paid this month, I hope tomorrow because it's due to be cut off and I don't have the funds right now to pay it myself.

I understand about bills, I personally never dealth them other than forking over the money to my boyfriend since he's all but gave up on looking for work. Hasn't touched a want ad in almost a month and being alone with no family other than my kids, I got no place to go even if I wanted to leave.
Plus I have furry kids I refuse to leave behind, put in a shelter or adopt out.. I won't even consider temporary housing for them. they are all I have left in my life. My kids and my furry kids no one else.
I was actually told to put them up and kill them off so I wouldn't have to pay out for their needed. They are my children, my girls know them as their 3 brothers and 4 sisters. Weird I know but I grew up that way. Were family :)
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 in response to Proudmommieof2...   I understand how you feel.
Everyone wants their own children to be happy.
I feel the same way about my dogs. They come first.
Unfortunately,bills DO matter. Because, if the mortgage,utilities are not paid the children will be even more depressed than they already are. Or, at least in my opinion anyway.
However, opinions are like butt holes, we all have one.

Sending you cheer & hugs
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I feel your pain.. I've been coming here since 2009 I think.. And have yet to get help.. I've been in dire need of getting bills paid and a little help on food, christmas and birthdays and all I hear is my bills are more important.
I guess people never heard the fact that when your a poor mother with no job or income bills dont matter.. its the childrens happiness that counts
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